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Upendra Rao is a filmmaker, actor and also politician and his most notable works in the field of cinema and entertainment have come in the Sandalwood, the Kannada film industry. This veteran actor is known for his notable projects like A, Upendra, Preethse, Super Star, Kutumba, Gokarna, Hollywood, Raktha Kanneeru, Gowramma, Aishwarya, Anatharu, Budhivanta, Super, Kalpana, S/O Satyamurthy, Uppi 2, and I Love You. 

Personal Life

Upendra was born on 18th September 1968 in Koteshwara in the state of Karnataka, India to a Brahmin family. He has had an eye issue since childhood and the effect of which can be seen in many iconic scenes of his movies when he does an eye-roll. He did his graduation with a Bachelor of Commerce degree from APS College of Commerce in Bangalore and this was when he got interested and a knack for theatre and plays. During his final days of college his distant relative who is also a film director and actor, Kashinath, associated with him which gave him that initial head starts that is needed for any outsider to make his way to the film industry.

Upendra unlike other actors started in the film industry as an assistant director and also a writer in the team of Kashinath who was an established director in the industry by then. Upendra’s first movie where he donned that director’s hat was Tharle Nan Maga in 1992. He then directed Om and A, where he acted himself and that officially marked his debut as an actor. 


His films are mostly on the lines of the representational setup of politics in the nation and also in the society around us. He joined politics with Karnataka Pragnyavanta Janata Paksha, but due to differences amongst the party and its members, he resigned from the party within a year and formed his party, Uttama Prajakeeya Party. 

Due to his vast field of work and his knowledge about society, Angkor University awarded him with an Honorary Doctorate in 2015.

Upendra will be next seen in an upcoming Telugu movie “Ghani” alongside Varun Tej and Suniel Shetty.

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